How can a child who is bad at math learn math?

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How can a child who is bad at math learn math?

Сообщение: #15215 Geernik
25 дек 2022, 17:49

First, no one is bad at math. If that were true, then we would all have different brain sizes. But really no one is different in this area. We all have the same mind mechanism that we use. When we tell ourselves we're not good at something, it means we're doing something that we haven't actually learned from scratch. In the case of mathematics, this happens when we try to solve high-level questions without having the clarity of the basics, and in fact we have misunderstood this with our ability to learn mathematics.

And in order to beat him, you need to believe that you are not bad at math at all. it's just that you're missing the basics, and how can you overcome that simply by simply learning and practicing the basics. Just learn each concept, whether someone says it's very easy or very difficult, you just have to learn it. in dealing with any issue, if you find yourself making stupid mistakes, try not to make them again. Ask questions, no matter how simple or silly they may seem. Actually, there is no ordinary question here. Since “Obvious” is the most dangerous word in mathematics, keep this in mind.

Everything around you is mathematics, you may not know history or chemistry well, but mathematics is just a matter of your attention and concentration. It's definitely not about calculations but about understanding, if you have the clarity you can outperform JEE. Without understanding, you will fail the boards. Don't let yourself down. Everyone around you is on the same level as you, but with a little more understanding. you can get there. just a few steps to climb.

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Re: How can a child who is bad at math learn math?

Сообщение: #15219 Semuel
25 дек 2022, 21:41

Hello. My child has been studying online for a year now because of the constant problems with Covid and so on in my country. We were told that maybe next year he will study in this format as well. I know from my own experience and I understand that studying online can be a vacation for some kids and because of that the learning will not be of the same quality. That's why I started looking at learning math is fun in order to choose my son to take extra lessons with a different math teacher. I want him to be perfect in math, so I think this is a pretty great solution.

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