Best Lifepo4 Battery Module OEM

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Best Lifepo4 Battery Module OEM

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The Lifepo4 Battery Module OEM is designed for developers and integrators who need a small-sized, yet waterproof RFID module. The OEM modules come in a small fully potted housing with soldering pins. They can easily be integrated into terminals and other equipment, or act as the heart of your own proximity card reader. The 125 kHz Lifepo4 Battery Module OEM comes with an integrated antenna, the 13.56 MHz versions require an external antenna (standard antenna available as an option). The Lifepo4 Battery Module OEM can be supplied with a wide selection of different data interfaces, such as various Wiegand or Clock&Data outputs, but also TTL, RS232, RS485, or customer-specific interfaces. The TheLifepo4 Battery Module OEM transmitter's long transmission range of up to 1/2 mile (800m) comes from its omnidirectional antenna, removing the need to house a separate external antenna.

The X24-SAe wireless Lifepo4 Battery Module OEM transmitter module uses easily available Energizer L91 batteries which have a battery life of up to 5 years, with continuous operation of 30 days. It has an operating temperature of -20°C to +50°C and a storage temperature of -40°C to +85°C.

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